Osh palov – delicious Uzbek dish

This dish is not going to be a good friend of your healthy new years resolutions, but when properly prepared, guaranteed to be a very delicious, finger-licking meal, unlike anything else you’ve ever tried.Highly recommended if you are open to ethn…

Dirty hair is repulsive

The marketers for Axe keep on doing it. A mini sign hangs on the isle in a local pharmacy. It’s fairly hard to miss. I guess sex still sells. But I wonder how well.


Third try at drawing with a pen tablet. This time tried to get a light water paint effect.

My ‘hello world’ painting

The Wacom pen tablet has been lying in the office for the past few years but I never gave it justice. So finally, after so many years of being a web designer, I gave it a shot. It felt awkward at first, maneuvering the pen on the tablet while look…

Quiet morning

During the Summer months its often best to take a low-tech, down to earth break on a camping ground a few hours away from the city. Going back to nature for a few days energizes the body and the spirit. One of my favorite things to do is to wake up to the quiet of …

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