Evening Affirmations


I have completed all of my daily tasks necessary to prepare myself for tomorrow, including setting everything out that I need for my morning routine. I have decided what time I am waking up, and have clarity as to (specifically) what I will do when I wake up.


I am going to bed now and waking up at 5am AM, which gives me over 5  hours of sleep. This is PLENTY; in fact, it is exactly what I need in order to perform at a peak level tomorrow. The reality is, my mind controls my body, and I really only need as much sleep as I tell myself and choose to believe that I need. Many of the most successful people in history have functioned optimally on 4-6 hours of sleep, and I cannot allow myself to fall into the limiting belief that sleeping more will somehow improve my life. In fact, it will be seriously detrimental to my stress level, finances, relationships, career, and lifestyle goals. My quality of life as I know it depends on my waking up on time tomorrow.


I am waking up tomorrow morning at 5 AM because by doing so, I significantly increase the likelihood that I will achieve my goals this week, this month, this year, and for the rest of my life. I am committed to waking up on time tomorrow because #1: Doing so will enable me to develop the discipline I need to succeed in all areas, and #2: I know that how I start each day determines how I create my life, because my day is my life. I can no longer accept anything less than my best from myself.


Regardless of how long it takes to fall asleep, what I dream about, how tired or overwhelmed I feel right now, or when I wake up, I will energetically spring out of bed tomorrow morning at 5am to create the most extraordinary life I can imagine—the life I deserve to live.

Parts of this text were adapted from:

  • The Miracle Morning (highly recommend that you read this book)