Morning Affirmations


I know that I am worthy and capable of reaching my goals and achieving success.

What separates me from this reality, is my level of commitment.

So, from this moment on, I am 100% committed to becoming the person I need to be—through daily personal development and living with daily discipline—to easily attract, create and sustain the levels of success that I truly want in my life.


I know that to do this, I must be willing to stay committed to my goals and do what’s “right” (as opposed to what’s easy) at a level that I have never been committed before. I commit to reviewing these AFFIRMATIONS at least once per day, then immediately taking the actions necessary TODAY to take me where I want to go.


I will no longer settle for less than the levels of success and fulfillment that I am truly capable of. In fact, I have a responsibility to achieve my goals in order live my life to the fullest. To create the life I want, I can’t wait for someday—or some year in the future. NOW is my time.


I fully realize that I can sustain no success unless it is founded in truth and integrity; therefore, I will always keep the well being of others in mind and engage in no activity that is selfish or that does not benefit all whom it affects. In doing so, I will inspire others to help me because of my willingness to help others.

I am committed to living my life with purpose and enthusiasm.

My mission in life is to reach the best version of my self, while serving others do the same.

I connect to the Infinite Wisdom through prayer.

I know that my ‘thinking’ brain is VERY limited by my physical, mental and emotional limitations. But when I “actively” connect with the Infinite Wisdom that is available to me at all times—that is when MIRACLES are possible.

Leadership is a trait I nurture each day by being a person that inspires others.

I’m committed to building relationships with growth-oriented people. I see the best in each person and I’m generous with praise and compliments. I also know that a true leader never accomplishes everything by himself, – so I work with others to achieve goals faster.

I build assets in areas of passion.

I’m committed to building assets in areas I’m passionate about and which produce long-term recurring, passive income. I don’t accept projects that don’t lead to passive income, unless I need them for immediate cashflow.

The more money I earn and save, the greater the impact I can have on others.

My financial focus for the next 3 years is to reach a reality where I provide immense value to many people  via an online business in area of my passion, which I manage for 3 hours a day, and which generates $20,000 a month in passive recurring profit.

My #1 financial commitment in 2015 is to EARN $120,000 and save/invest half of every paycheck so I can provide security for my family and give 10% back to those less fortunate.

I am just as capable of becoming extraordinarily wealthy as any other person. I am committed to continuing to live below my means.

To make 2015 my best year ever and take my life to the NEXT LEVEL, I will get out of my comfort zone, take risks, and take action. I must focus on goals and projects outside the realm of what I was doing in the past.

I give up being perfect for being authentic.

I won’t make everyone happy. Some will judge me, criticize me and talk behind my back, while others will praise, honor, respect me, spread good will about me and pray for my continued success. Everyone who truly knows me appreciates me because of the value I give to others. They support me financially, with connections & resources to bring me to my goals. I am grateful for these people. I work for them, and no one else.

I seize each day by being an effective planner.

To maximize productivity, I schedule ½-days of focused attention on ONE project (rather than trying to switch tasks every 60 minutes.) Today, I intend to review my schedule for next week to ensure that enough time is built into my plans to complete each activity without stress.

Being on time shows that I am dependable. In a sense, I feel more on top of situations and confident I can meet any challenge when I am on time. Today, I know I can be on time for every event in my schedule.

I take vacations to ensure happiness, health & success.

Trips and vacations provide me with new perspective and ideas by removing me from my day-to-day routine & environment, and allow me to share carefree timelessness with my family. I scheduled to take at least 1 trip in the next 2 months.

Fear & worry are a misuse of my intelligence and imagination.

Thoughts lead to actions, so I’m committed to accepting only empowering thoughts. I understand that – I am NOT my mind (just like I’m not my hand or my leg.) My mind works on basic instinct, and is trying to protect me, often unnecessarily. When a new thought appears in my mind, I always ask : “Is this a helpful thought?” If it is not, then I reply “Thank you for sharing”, and disregard that thought.

If I am to use my imagination, only use it to imagine myself doing something great. Besides, there literally is nothing to fear or worry about, because I cannot fail—only learn & grow.


I will repeat these affirmations aloud each day, with full faith that it will gradually influence my thoughts and actions so that I will become the self-reliant, successful person that I know I can be.

Today and everyday, I choose to create the best day of my life.

Parts of this text were adapted from:

  • The Miracle Morning (highly recommend that you read this book)