The Need For Massive Change

Half way through my recent 90-day plan, I realized how far I was from achieving my financial goals.

I realized that to achieve my goal, there is a need for massive changes in my strategy. I must unveil better ways to create value so that I can get paid to achieve my 90-day goal.

As it is said, “to achieve different results, you must be willing to do something different.” Doing what you’ve always been doing, will produce the same results you’ve been always producing.

Commit to do the following:

1) Pay better attention to your time

Track time you spend on daily tasks. When creating daily schedules, put beside each task – “Estimated Time” and “Actual Time”. Then, review your time entries so you get an idea how long tasks actually take you. Perhaps you’ll find ways to improve how you do certain tasks.

2) Reach our to your existing network

Your network is your net worth. We often don’t realize the potential in our existing network. So, connect with existing clients and colleagues to discuss potential partnership opportunities (for example – a dropship ecommerce website or an affiliate agreement)

3) Build a team to get things done quicker

At one point or another, we all realize that we can’t do everything alone. There just isn’t enough time and energy to do it. You need others to help you. So, begin building a team of helpers on outsourcing websites, such as (for example – WordPress developers, copywriters, graphic designers, etc). You can start with tiny tasks (for $5 on, then move on to outsourcing complete projects and ongoing work.