Morning Pages

You have a creative energy inside of you. It was given to you when you were born.

Your creative energy is able to manifest itself in different ways – through visuals, words or sounds.

Yet, very often your creative energy gets locked up inside of you. It’s trapped behind your daily responsibilities and others’ expectations.

Julia Cameron, in her book The Artist’s Way, describes an effective exercise to help you unblock your creative energy.

You can unleash your creative energy through writing the “Morning Pages”.

Each morning begin your day by writing 3 pages of whatever comes to your mind. Do it without thinking too much. Let it flow effortlessly.

If you don’t have anything to write, then write “I don’t have anything to write in my morning pages.” Keep writing this sentence until you complete your 3 pages.

You might feel the urge to dismiss this idea. You might claim that it’s a waste of time. Or, that you don’t have time for this.

Yet, thousands of people around the world proved that the Morning Pages exercise works.

So give it a try. For the next several weeks, wake up 20-30 minutes earlier and write 3 pages each morning.

Get yourself a dedicated notebook. Then use a real pen to write each morning (don’t be tempted to type!)

You might be surprised about the side effects.