Outwitting The Devil

Outwitting The Devil is Napoleon Hill’s less popular book, but holds many gems to expand your personal development journey.

Outwitting The Devil – in one sentence:

The book is a conversation between Napoleon Hill and the “Devil”, which shows up as his inner voice. This voice exists inside all of us. Napoleon Hill was just bold enough to speak to his inner voice and record his conversations.

Key lessons from Outwitting The Devil

  1. Most people are stuck in a state of “Hypnotic Rhythm”, which keep them as “drifters”, with little control of personal life.
  2. Some people reach a state of “non-drifters” and achieve mastery through self discipline.
  3. We have access to the “other self”, which is a connection to a higher intelligence that can guide us to achieve our full potential.
  4. Most establishments, like organized religions and education systems, make it hard for us to reach personal success.
  5. There are specific rules that aid us in living life as “non-drifters” and reaching our full potential.

Quotes from Outwitting The Devil

“Fear is the tool of a man made devil. Self confident faith in oneself is both the man-made weapon which defeats this devil and the man-made tool with builds a triumphant life. And it’s more than that. It is a link to the irresistible forces of the universe which stand behind the man who does not believe in failure and defeat as being anything but temporary experiences.”

“Two entities occupy your body, as in fact two similar entities occupy the body of each living person on earth. One of these entities is motivated by and response to the impulse of fear. The other is motivated by and response to the impulse of faith. For the sake of convenience you may call this faith entity your other self. It knows no limitations, has no fears, and recognizes no such word as impossible.”

“The fear motivated old self is not dead, it has merely been dethroned. And it will follow you around wherever you go, awaiting a favorable opportunity to step in and take charge of you again. It can gain control of you only through your thoughts. Remember this, and keep the doors to your mind tightly closed against all thoughts which seek to limit you in any manner whatsoever and you will be safe.”

“Do not permit yourself to worry about the money you will need for your immediate expenses. That will come to you by the time you must have it. Your only limitation is the one which set up in your own mind.”

“My other self has taught me to concentrate upon my purpose and to forget about the plan by which it is to be obtained when I go to prayer. I’m not suggesting that material objects may be acquired without plans. What I am saying is that the power which translates ones thoughts or desires into realities has its source in an infinite intelligence which knows more about plans than the one doing the praying.”

“Stating the case in another way, may not be wise when praying, to trust the universal mind to hand over the plan best suited for the attainment of the object of that prayer? My experience with prayer has taught me that so often which results from prayer is a plan (if the prayer is answered at all), a plan that is suited for the attainment of the object of the prayer through natural and material media. The plan must be transmuted, through self effort action.”

“I know nothing about any form of prayer which can be induced to work favorably in a mind that is colored, in the slightest degree, by fear.”

“A prayer is a released thought, sometimes expressed in audible words and at other times expressed silently. I have observed by experience that the silent prayer is as effective as one which is expressed in words. I have observed also that one’s state of mind is the determining factor when prayer works as well as when it is not.”

Results After Reading This Book

Following my reading of Outwitting The Devil, I began paying attention to my own inner voice.

At first it was strange. But after a few days I got comfortable with it and began asking questions of my inner voice.

I was pleasantly surprised about the quality and the clarity of answers that came back.

Read this book and give it a try. It might make a positive impact.